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HAN University of Applied Sciences provides well-equipped young professionals to the companies and research institutes and develops innovations for and with the surrounding region.

The HAN contribution comprises both  HAN BioCentre and the Academy of Applied Biosciences and Chemistry.

HAN BioCentre has been conducting application-oriented research with the business community for more than 10 years on the central theme “Biodiscovery in the biobased economy”. Skilled technicians and talented students work (after consultation) together on subsidized research projects or on contract research under the supervision of senior researchers with PhDs.

The bachelor programmes offered at the Academy of Applied Biosciences and Chemistry often involve close collaboration with the local business community in the form of guest lectures, practical assignments, internships and graduation projects. In addition, HAN academy has built up a broad portfolio of staff training opportunities for companies that want to educate their employees professionally to higher levels, such as workshops, in-company courses, or graduate courses or the master’s programme in Molecular Life Sciences.

’With the integration of the three centers in Katalysator, we can now answer any (research) question within the themes of chemistry and life sciences and there are no blind spots. Dr. Pedro Hermkens (lector)

HAN_University of Applies Sciences, HAN BioCentre

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